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Brlabl Shop
Since Brlabl was formed in 2013 the band stands for raw, dirty, aggressive metal. The combination of various musical influences is what shapes the unique style of Brlabl. That's the reason why it is not straight forward to put a single label on the band. Stoner-Death-Core or Death-Rock-Metal ... who knows? Decide for yourself! 
In difficult and weird times, the four guys from Nuremberg announced their new album. The longplayer "Wounderland" will be released on September 10th, 2021 on Kernkraftritter Records. Come in and enter the fantastic Wounderland! Come along and say "Hello" to the land of promise.

KKR066 - Brlabl - Wounderland - Vinyl
Stoner, Death-Rock aus Nürnberg
22,00 EUR
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